We are passionate about small business marketing. Meet our team:


Erin derksen

Erin has had a passion for all things English since she uttered her first word in the early eighties. With her certification in Professional Writing specializing in Marketing and Public Relations, she decided to put her skills to good use. Knowing that content, tone, and consistency are vital to a company’s success, Erin is a rockstar with any writing or editing need. Blog posts, website copy, you name it.


Zoe robinson

Zoe has over 10 years experience working in both agency and in-house design environments (FGL Sports). She now works on a freelance basis, specializing in print, brand and web design.

  jordan boyd

Jordan has worked as a freelance marketing consultant for over one hundred small business owners in Calgary and surrounding communities such as Airdrie. He has a passion for content, especially video, to boost his clients presence online and allow to tell their unique story. After spending time at Hootsuite in Vancouver as well as two different digital marketing agencies, Jordan knows exactly what it takes to drive results that matter for small business owners.

cory krygier

Cory holds a Master of Architecture degree in addition to being educated as a Photographer and Geographer forming the basis for almost nothing specific but a great foundation for leading an innovative home building company. In the past couple of years, Cory has been educating himself in the world of e-commerce. Whether it’s launching new products, split testing web pages, or designing crowdfunding campaigns, Cory is our go to e-commerce expert. In fall 2016, he successfully funded his Lantern light project on Kickstarter for over $30,000.

We have direct contacts at many of the local networks and this allows us to get the best prices possible for our clients.

We also have direct contacts at the three main magazine publications in Calgary and Airdrie.