When K9 Gentle Dental was looking to boost their presence on Instagram, they knew who to call. Through a proprietary software, we are able to acheive the fasted organic growth in the market today. Take a look at the four month campaign, which resulted in over 1300 new targeted subscribers. 

You can see in the stats above how we acheived this exponential growth in such a short period of time. The software engages with accounts that K9GD has selected. You can target followers of accounts, people in a certain geographic area, or people using certain hashtags. Recently, an ability was added to target users by sex.

What this means:

If you know your target audience (which we can easily help you determine if you don't) you can accurately target and engage these users on Instagram. What does this targeted engagement generate? New leads, which K9GD averaged about 5 - 10 people contacting them through Instagram per week.

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